Saturday, 15 November 2014

NARS Laser Cut Palette and Virtual Domination Palette for Holiday 2014

I told you it was that time of year. Gorgeous palettes galore! More limited edition christmas palettes to fuel my make up addiction. If you love all things beauty, you would know to keep your eyes peeled for NARS holiday collections because the man is a genius just gets it done every year. He's cheek palettes fly off the shelves and in Australia, sell out within a couple of hours because of quantity issues. I haven't bought any of the single eyeshadows, blush and lip products (yet) there are so much offerings all across the board and I have just, for the time being, picked up what I thought I couldn't live without.

The packaging for this years palette has changed. It is no longer the rubberized matte black packaging with rounded edges but solid, plastic hard cases with jutting corners. In a word, cool :) I love it because it feels so much more palette like and travel friendly too. You also don't have to worry about getting it scrubby by throwing it in your cosmetics bag with the rest of your powders and eyeshadows.
Top Row: Miss Liberty, Deep Throat
Bottom Row: Sex Fantasy, Final Cut
Right: Laguna
L - R: Miss Liberty, Deep Throat, Sex Fantasy, Final Cut, Laguna
Now first up, the Virutal Domination Cheek Palette. To be honest, I would've bought it if the palette looked like poo. It's NARS' annual palette, you will 100% regret not buying this and you're going to want to kick yourself if you missed out because you persuaded yourself that you already have too much blush. 

Some bloggers have previously complained that the pigmentation and consistency of products in palette form to be inferior to NARS' original formulas. Well he must've taken it to heart because this time, the silky, pigmented texture is there and the blushes are a dream to work with. 

My favorite blush shades would have to be Deep Throat and Final Cut. I don't think I will get as much use out of Miss Liberty as it is not the type of highlight I prefer. As a reference; my favorite highlighters of all time are Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Pink Quartz, Becca Opal and theBalm Mary Lou Manizer. Also Sex Fantasy will not be making appearance on my cheeks much as it is far too cool toned for my liking, especially in the upcoming Australian Summer.

Hardwired Eyeshadows & Dolce Vita Lip Gloss
Day Dream Blush & Laguna Bronzer

 When I first saw promo pictures of the Laser Cut Eyes, Cheeks & Lips Palette I dismissed it and had no intentions at all for buying this. I did not read up on reviews or research swatches. Just not interested. But when I went into a Mecca two days ago and saw it in person, I couldn't stop thinking about it. 

The double decker palette contains 3 Hardwired limited edition eyeshadows, 1 Day Dream blush, 1 Laguna bronzer and 1 mini Dolce Vita Lip Gloss. The sizes are very generous with eyeshadows and blush to almost be full size. 

The eyeshadows are all neutral and I find them much more wearable than last years Crime Of Passion palette. The eyeshadows consist of a matte bone, a metallic bronze-gold and a dark khaki brown. The blush is a limited edition shade in Day Dream and I have to admit, upon first glance I thought it was Deep Throat. The bronzer is of course laguna, no surprises there and Dolce Vita is a muted rose shade, highly pigmented.

I believe Virtual Domination has already sold out in Australia but you can still find it at using a shipping forwarding service but Laser Cut is still available in stores. What will you be picking up from this years holiday collections?


  1. :) Nars is hitting out of the ballpark with their new non-goo-rubbery cases and their new Audacious lipsticks. Their holiday palettes are always so intriguing.

    1. There's something about Nars, his palettes are always practical and justified. I just keep coming back every year no matter how many Lagunas I now own. And i think it is reasonably priced too, for what you get. Have you tried any of his holiday limited editions?

    2. No recent Nars purchases in a while. The old cases really bugged the heck out of me.

  2. great work..i just follow your blog.
    Grettings from Greece.


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