Saturday, 12 April 2014

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet Foundation

For the past week I have been road-testing this new foundation from Chanel. I was quite surprised to see this in Chanel's Makeup Studio counter in Sydney City Myer as I had not heard any news regarding the release of this foundation. And after coming home and doing a little research, it seems that it hasn't been released for sale in some countries yet (namely the UK!) so I leaped for joy as finally Australia got something NOT a year later, after everybody else. This will hit UK stores today, 12th April, and I bet praise for this foundation will be flooding in left right and centre.

 When I first saw this foundation, I thought it might've been a reformulated Vitalumiere Aqua as the packaging is identical if not for the black bottle. Upon closer inspection, it was the Perfection Lumiere Velvet. The world velvet drew me in. It had to resemble the finishing texture right? No one in their right mind would call a dewy foundation velvet.

I quickly swatched this foundation in my colour Beige 20 and noticed that it was very watery just like the Vitalumiere Aqua but it quickly (with a bit of blending with my fingers) turned into a satin "velvet"-like finish and had pretty much set. As an oily skinned person, this was perfection. Fluid-to-powder? Did this product come from heaven? $77? Add to my bag please.

I have worn this foundation a good part of a week now and I must say, it's everything that it claims to be. It is a lightweight foundation with medium to build able full coverage and sets to a not too shiny, not too matte finish. I set this foundation with a loose powder and do find that I have to powder my nose in the afternoon to banish the shiny oils that is creeping through but once the powder is on, my makeup looks new all over again.

This foundation (just like the rest of Chanel makeup) is highly scented. If you are sensitive to highly fragranced cosmetics or just don't like them, this product may annoy you more than otherwise. With just one layer, the coverage is substantial yet feels like nothing at all which is perfect for everyday wear, especially for work.

The colours do run a little bit darker than Vitalumiere Aqua I think because I have both in Beige 20 but somehow Perfection Lumiere Velvet turns out more dark after application. This could be due to different formula and it just is darker or might be due to oxidization of a particular ingredient once it makes contact with my skin. Nothing that a little concealer/highlighter won't do the trick.

Have you seen this foundation at your local Chanel counter yet? How do you think it compares to Vitalumiere Aque? I think I like the Perfecton Lumiere Velvet more.

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