Thursday, 3 April 2014

Selfridges&co Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Haul

dust bag the cosmetics arrived in
cute tissue paper
About three weeks ago I was watching a UK based beauty youtuber (I can't remember which one) and she mentioned a couple of Charlotte Tilbury products that she has been enjoying. Underneath her video were also a few Charlotte Tilbury related review videos/tutorials/hauls suggested by youtube and after half an hour of watching, I was in Selfridges website and loading up my shopping basket.

Selfridges charge a kidney (25 pounds) for a flat rate international shipping rate which is pretty absurd and definitely the highest I have ever paid in my online shopping history. But don't fret, please continue reading as there is a catch. If you are located outside of Europe, a 16% VAT (EU's form of goods tax/duties) is automatically deducted upon checkout. So if you bought enough items (roughly 200 pounds worth), your shipping will break even. And just that I did!

The delivery was relatively quick, around 2 weeks. But time just flies for me when taking care of a little baby, so I can understand the girls who have an unsatisfying 9-6 job counting on receiving their beauty parcel to cheer them up thinking two weeks is two decades. Selfridges did take about 3 days to process the transaction which made me wonder whether the products came from the actual London Store. All in all, I'm a happy chappy.

Here are some of the makeup that i've hoarded from Selfridges;

The ByTerry, Hourglass, Chantecaille and MAC were not from Selfridges.
I bought those from Mecca Cosmetica on the same day that I received my
Selfridges parcel

I purchased Charlotte's iconic Filmstar Bronze & Glow bronzer and highlighter duo, her magic cream, KISSING Lipstick in the colour Bitch Perfect (hilarious!) and eyeshadow quads in The Dolce Vita and Golden Goddess. I also picked up NARS Sheer Glow foundation in Fiji as Australian Prices for NARS will knock the wind out of you.

Charlotte Tilbury packaging is very luxe and sleek. They are just as big as they need to be. No bigger and no smaller. The eyeshadow palette is much thinner than I expected and I was delightly surprised. Her cardboard packaging however, was a bit tacky I thought. Kudos to her for being creative and not using a regular cardboard box. But three times the amount of paper is needed for her packaging and every crevice has some anecdote or tip or marketing. It just seemed like she was trying so hard. It's nice that she wants to give tips but I think it would've been much more classier and luxury if she included a booklet (kind of like a small catalogue) with each customer purchase, that way not only will we know how to apply certain products but also get more information on the rest of her range.

Here are a few photos of the products up close and I will try my best to get some reviews up in the coming weeks once I've decided if they really are comparable to Tom Ford or if it is an overhyped and over-marketed brand. Is there anything you are really interested in that you would like to request I review first?

 See what I mean about the packaging? And the tips and the self-marketing? It irritates me :(

Until next time, xx

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