Saturday, 30 August 2014

Stila Color Balm Lipstick in Olivia and Vivienne

I wonder why these Stila Color Balm Lipsticks aren't raved about more in the blog-o-sphere as they are simply amazing. I'm kicking myself for not knowing about these earlier to help with my horribly chronic dry lips. This could have saved me countless times for being caught out with dry flaky lips.

When I heard about these, I decided to try in the colour Vivienne "terra-cotta rose" as the colour swatches from google looked right up my alley. But it was when I swatched these lipsticks instore, that I couldn't bear to part with the colour Olivia, described by the brand as the "nude" (when will I ever get over this nude lipstick phase?).

The formula is absolutely amazing. It is highly pigmented achieving pretty much opaque colour with just one swipe across the lips. But unlike other coloured lip balms that I have tried in the past, Stila's formula is not patchy at all. The colour is consistent even after rubbing your lips together. With tinted balms I've tried in the past they've either; 1) sheer, not pigmented enough and 2) moved around the lips as the formula was more on the "balmy" side than the "lipstick" side. This sits on the lips gorgeously with a natural sheen to them so there is no need for an additional layer of lipgloss. Win!

The only downside that I find with these balms is the bullet is actually really big, way bigger than your average lipstick bullet. So I find that I have to apply it with a mirror otherwise it may get messy. Stila must've noticed this problem though because they have a built-in mirror included on the lid. Another thing is that the lipsticks contain peppermint oil so they do have a strong scent to them which lasts pretty much the entire duration of wear. This scent is similar to Revlon's colour balms to give you an idea.

You can find these Color Balm Lipsticks from Mecca Cosmetica if you are from Australia for $29 (they've recently come down in price from $36 each. Yay!) and also available from

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