Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Benefit Holiday Gift Set 2014 - Complexion Confections & Sugarglam Fairies

The day after I had come back from visiting family overseas I popped into my local Myer to see what new products and collections have come in to the beauty department. The benefit christmas sets were unmissable! If you have not heard before, benefit comes up with very practical, reasonably priced and a fairly large variety of gift sets housed in cute and quirky packaging each year. Out of probably around 8 sets ranged from as little at $20 to $150 i picked out two that I thought were great value for money and what I am actually in need of.

The two that I chose was Sugarglam Fairies and Complexion Confections. They come housed in a huge cookie tin which I will definitely reuse to put in some of my odd bits and baubles. All the products are packaged very nicely and securely so if this was intended as gifts, you shouldn't have to worry about breakages from the box being knocked about either at home or through the post. This is an important factor to consider when wrapping gifts in general, cosmetics should always be double wrapped (box within a box) because once its covered in gift wrap, no one knows its highly breakable. 

The set Complexion Confections retail for $75 and it is a mixed array of skincare with a mini porefessional for makeup prep. This set contains:
1x Triple Performing Facial Emulsion Moisturizer 50mL (full size) RRP $45
1x It's Potent Eye Cream 15mL (full size ) RRP $58
1x Instant Comeback Facial Serum 5mL (deluxe sample)
1x Porefessional 7.5mL (deluxe sample)
So as you can see, you do get your money's worth with the moisturizer and eye cream valued at $103 and some deluxe samples never hurt anybody.

The Sugarglam Fairies sets details for $89 and is basically the bestsellers set. And in my opinion the most bang-for-your-buck set. This set contains:
1x Porefessional 22mL (full size) RRP $53
1x They're Real Mascara 8.5g (full size) RRP $38
1x Hoola Bronzer 8g (full size) RRP $51
1x Benetint 4mL (deluxe sample)
This appealed to me and was so worthwhile (total value of $142) that I decided to buy it for backups as I already own porefessional, hoola and benetint. With this set, I am pretty much getting a brand new porefessional for free and who doesn't love a freebie?

These make a great gift for beauty enthused family members and friends. It's large in size and contains multiple items without breaking the bank. Not only will the receiver be happy to receive it but you will be proud to give it. And that is a certainty you can count on. 

I know some girls have reviewed unfavorably towards some of Benefit's gift sets this year as there seems to be more samples rather than full size or even small size products this year. For most of the sets I do believe you get your money's worth plus a little more. Please bear in mind that just because a product is a sample does not mean it magically appeared out of thin air, free of all costs to the manufacturer. American beauty counters are very generous with samples so paying for them might seem off putting but Australia beauty counters are very very stingy with samples and we rarely (if ever) get any "deluxe" sized.
The Advent Calendar however, is a totally different story....$149 for some samples, hair ties and paper clips? I'll take my money elsewhere thank you!

Have you seen the Benefit Giftsets? Are any of them on your Christmas wish list?

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