Sunday, 2 March 2014

Tom Ford Lip Colour in Pink Dusk, Spanish Pink and Sable Smoke

Last month I went a little psycho in Tom Ford and picked up two lipsticks in this haul here. Since then, before I could give you guys a review and swatches, I went out and got another one. That is how amazing Tom Ford's lipsticks are. 

In my previous haul, I bought Pink Dusk and Spanish Pink. Just a little over a week ago, I picked up Sable Smoke which has now become my everyday-all-occassions lipstick. I don't want to ever be without it. I would wear it to bed if it wasn't so damn expensive.

The price does make me cringe every time I think about it. They are amazing in texture, colour and appearance. But can any lipstick be worth $65? I don't think it could ever be justifiable. I guess it will just have to remain that "special gift for that special occasion" kind of purchase. 

So without further ado, these are the lip shades I now own.

Pink Dusk, Spanish Pink, Sable Smoke
The textures are suer creamy and smooth. MAC is nothing compared to these stunners. Of course in the colour range-wise, and price range-wise many brands will be better, but in formula and texture, this takes home the trophy. The colours are long-lasting and non-drying. The lipsticks slightly tints your natural lip colour, but as you can see, I purchased nude shades so it's not that obvious.

Spanish Pink and Pink Dusk are actually quite similar. Which worried me at first as I didn't want to have spent so much money on colours that were so alike. But after using Pink Dusk for a few days, I decided I would keep Spanish Pink as it is so lovely and it would be my goal now to slowly collect all of Tom Ford's colours.

Pink Dusk is a true cool toned pink nude. It's got that pastelly kind of finish which somehow I think makes my skin look brighter. If the colour was any lighter, it would appear washed out, but it has just the right amount of pink that perfectly suits light/medium skin tones.

Spanish Pink is a warm toned pink with a hint of peachy colour thrown in the mix. It is more vibrant than Pink Dusk and I think it is more of a girly pink lipstick rather than a neutral nude shade.

Sable Smoke is my current favorite. Maybe even my all-time favorite. This nude shade is on-point. It cannot be any nuder. There is no pinks, there is no peach. It is just a nice flesh toned beige. With enough colour so that it doesn't seem like you have foundation lips. Love it so much I want to eat it. (Is that too weird?)

So far, I am really enjoying Tom Ford lip colours. I haven't been wearing anything else in the past month. And it makes me incredibly sad to see the bullet getting smaller and smaller. I love how TF is stamped on the tip of the lipstick but sadly it fades after about 5 uses. Tom Ford is available exclusively to selected David Jones stores. But the good thing is they always seem to have plenty of stock. Better this than having 5 stores that doesn't have enough stock replenishments I say. 

Have you tried any of the Tom Ford Lip Colours? What are your favorites and how do you like them?

Until next time,   :)

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  1. All 3 look gorgeous on you, but I especially love Spanish Pink! <3 That price tho! :O


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