Monday, 31 March 2014

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush: Diffused Heat

If you have read my post on the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Mood Exposure, you will know that I wasn't too keen on this blushes from the beginning. I saw them in Mecca on the first day of their Australian release date and swatched one of the pale colours (Dim Infusion or Ethereal Glow) and didn't see the vibrancy and pigmentation that I usually go for in blushes. 

I purchased Mood Exposure on a whim and also at the recommendation of the Sales who helped apply some to my cheeks. At the time I was tossing between Mood Exposure and Diffused Heat. Only about 15 minutes after my purchase, I thought "what the hell, just buy both" so I went back in. But to my dismay, Diffused Heat was all sold out. It's been quite a while that anything I've ever wanted to buy from a cosmetics brand was sold out, so I was left feeling very empty and zombie-like. Like I didn't know what to do with my life anymore. After this state of shock subsided, I was a woman gone wild. I made it my life's mission to get my hands on one anyway I can. And here it is. After having it for two weeks or so now, I can confidently say, I need more Hourglass blushes.

Diffused Heat is much more vibrant in colour and more playful, if you will, in appearance compared to Mood Exposure. It has quite noticeable shimmer particles when swatched heavily but rest assured, it does not translate onto the cheekbones when applied. The blush is almost like a bright coral red but once mixed with the diffused light ambient powder, it is this gorgeous pink shade with gold shimmer throughout it. 

A little tap of your brush into the compact is enough for one cheek if you are quite fair like myself. Dip twice/three times at your peril. It takes a moment for the colour to show on your skin so this is where you might feel like you need to go back and apply more but just like alcohol, it has a slow reaction and then you don't know what hit you. 

The blush lasts all day long so you can enjoy a natural flush of colour to your cheeks as if you are currently in the "honeymoon" period of your relationship. Diffused Heat is comparable in colour to that of NARS Orgasm, but silly me didn't get a chance to get a comparison swatch done. 

Below is the comparison between Diffused Heat and Mood Exposure. As you can tell, they are very different. I definitely feel that Diffused Heat is a common, trendy pink shade whereas Mood Exposure is more unique shade that you won't be able to easily dupe.

Mood Exposure, Diffused Heat

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