Thursday, 20 March 2014

Chantecaille Limited Edition Save the Bees Palette

This palette has been sitting on my makeup counter for about a month now and no matter how much I wanted to get stuck into it, it couldn't bear to ruin it by using it. But now that more and more girls are aware of this palette I'm committed to write a review with swatches for the pretties who don't have a Mecca Cosmetica near them. 

Prior to purchasing this palette I had no idea that bees were in any way endangered. But knowing that a percentage of the profits go to a better cause gives a little justification to Chantecaille's absurdly high prices. 

The palette is very sleek and thin. I love thin palettes and they are so practical. I don't understand the bulky palettes because the eyeshadow pan itself is only roughly 3mm thick so its just air in the rest of the 1.7cm. The case has a very strong plastic scent. And it's not going away anytime soon.

The palette contains four colours. Two eyeshadows, one blush and one highlight. The eyeshadows are your everyday neutrals; one deep brown for the crease and a golden bronze for a pop on the lids. The blush is a universal pink. The highlight however is a strange choice which doesn't really match the scheme with the rest of the colours. The eyeshadows and blush are all very "safe" colours and universal so they can suit all skin tones. The highlight is actually light blue when you look at it closely. In some photographs it does come up as white. When swatched lightly the blue tones are hardly noticeable but when applied heavily, the blue in it is unmistakeable. In my opinion, Olivia Chantecaille is a total risk taker for adding this colour in. I probably wouldn't have so I'm a little undecided about this colour. If it was a beige champagne, I'd be all over it.

Each pan boasts s whopping 3g of product. And the palette is actually reusable/refillable (unlike MAC's pre-made palettes) so if you had or were to collect some more Chantecaille eyeshadows, you could switch them around (which I suspect I will do because I have been eyeing her "rose gold" eyeshadow for a lifetime and a half). Her empty trio palette (without any eyeshadows but includes a travel brush applicator) retails for $56 on their own so this quad definitely seems more worthwhile in hindsight. 

One of the downsides for this palette in comparison to her previous "Save the..." palettes is that the gold dust on the bees are sprayed on So one swipe and its gone forever. Your palette will never look the same again. And unlike previous palettes the bee pattern is the same colour whereas her wild horses and save the sharks palettes has a whole different colour for the horses and shark fins making the palettes contain a total of eight colours to choose from. 

Overall I am extremely happy I was able to get my little hands on one of these as it is just a wonder to look at. If you are a neutrals lover and get swooned easily by limited edition pretties then I'm sure you will love this one too. This palette can be found here for AUD$120. 

Have you seen this palette instore? Do you think the colour payoff/ texture of these shadows are consistent with her permanent line?

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