Sunday, 16 March 2014

New Brush Holders from Ikea

I picked these little candle holders from IKEA ($2.99) last week and they are amazing for holding all my cosmetic brushes. This is a new product and you may think it looks like the little pot plant container which IKEA has had for quite some time. This new candle holder is much smaller and more shallow making it a perfect brush holder as it covers just up to the ferrules of each brush. The pot plant container usually covered almost the entire brush so it wasn't as easy to reach for the brush that I needed/wanted.

I purchased four of them and it holds everything so nicely. There is two for my assorted face brushes, one for my real techniques face brushes and one for all my eye brushes. I'm contemplating purchasing some marbles/small stones to place in the bottle of the holder so the brushes can sit more upright (especially the eye brushes) but for now I am content with how my brushes are stored. This would look very chic if you have a white vanity/make up counter.

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