Saturday, 22 March 2014

Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad 01 Golden Mink

I've had this eyeshadow quad for two months now and have had a chance to get down and jiggy with it so I think it's reasonable when I say that this is probably my favorite eyeshadows of all time. ALL TIME. That may seem extreme but believe me, this quad is extreme...extreme buttery, blend-able goodness!

I hope some of my excitement has rubbed off on you because I really think a Tom Ford quad is a staple item for every makeup enthusiast. Yes, it is pricey but everyone can afford $100. It's just a matter of stomping your foot down and saying "right, I need to treat myself a little...(the husband can eat 2 minute noodles for the rest of the week)".

The palette houses four colours; 2 glitter and 2 shimmer. I do think two glitter shades is a bit excessive and would've preferred if there was a matte instead but it's Tom Ford and he is god so I'm not going to complain. I prefer this quad over Cocoa Mirage and Orchid Haze because the two shimmer shades are my exact everyday looks. A mid taupe-y brown all over a lid and a deeper mid-toned brown for the crease. It's not too dark and not to light. Just my cup of coffee (...and tea, fanta, frappaccino, you name it). Cocoa mirage was just a tad too dark for me to pull off whilst I push my pram around buying groceries and Orchid Haze leans more towards purple neutral which I only want to reserve for special occasions.

Each colour weighs in at 2.5g making the whole quad a total of 10g. This will last you at least a year even if you wear it everyday so when you work it out that way, the price is not expensive at all. And in terms of size/price comparison, it is cheaper than both Bobbi Brown and MAC. A Bobbi Brown eyeshadow is $40 - $48 for 2.4g - 2.8g of product plus you would have to pay $18 for a palette. And a pre-made MAC quad is $65 for 6g of product. Doesn't this give you an extra little nudge towards your Tom Ford counter?

The pigmentation of each eyeshadow is so strong but yet blends together so seamlessly that it gives my asian eyelids that extra bit of dimension. The glitter, once applied onto your lids, are there to stay. I find it easiest to apply with my fingers and once it's on, it doesn't budge until bed time. The glitter is pure and doesn't contain any coloured powder with it (this reduces its fall-out and appearance of chalkiness). When you feel the texture of the glitter eyeshadows you would think that it's the same as Bobbi Brown's Sparkle Eyeshadows but that's where you are wrong. The texture may feel the same, but unlike Bobbi's, the glitter is so easy to be picked up, one swatch and your ready to rock'n'roll. I often find that Bobbi's glitters ends either in my brush or on my fingertips and none actually transferred onto my eyelids.

The eyeshadows are extremely long wearing, I wore it for 14 hours straight and there was only slight creasing in the inner corners but the pigmentation and the glitters didn't transfer or budge. My husband actually noticed when I wore this quad and commented that my eye makeup looked especially nice which made even more happy about my investment in Tom Ford.

Now on my wish list are the quads Silver Topaz and Cognac Sable. And the best news is that David Jones has just recently started selling Tom Ford Beauty on their website. Your Tom Ford collection is just a mouse click away!

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