Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Sisley L'orchidee Rose Highlighter Blush With White Lily

Can we just take a moment to catch our breaths again? 

I recently picked this beauty up from David Jones and it took a lot of courage to dip my brush into the blush and use it. It is just so gorgeous and may I actually say...captivating? I feel like I am describing Ryan Gosling here. (Not that I would complain about smearing him all over my face).

Pale pink shade, shimmer pink shade, bright pink shade, all three blended together 
It is just one of those few products that just catch your eye from afar and even without swatching it, you know the colour and payoff would be a great addition to your makeup collection. It contains three shades of pink; one pale pink with a slight white cast, one shimmery peach pink with silver shimmer dots throughout it and one pigmented hot pink. All three mixed together produces this soft pink colour with slight shimmer that looks so natural and youthful on your cheeks. 

The blush is quite pigmented and not a whole lot of product is needed for a quick application. The colour is quite subtle when all three shades are blended together so I don't have to worry about ending up with clown face. The compact also holds a total of 15g of sweet, pink goodness. Crazy! I know! For a blush! It makes spending so much money on it feel so much better. If this blush doesn't last you till old age, I don't know what will.

I've never tried Sisley makeup before and I must admit I have been reeled in. This may just be the start of a new brand addiction. If you see me post any more Sisley products in the future you will know I've lost all self-control. 

This blush can be purchased from here for AUD $100. In stores, there is also a peach coloured version of this blush which isn't available online at the moment. 

Have you added this onto your wish list?

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