Monday, 17 March 2014

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush - Mood Exposure

I really didn't want to be bullied into buying this range of blushes from Hourglass by the blogger/youtube community. These blushes came out in Mecca Cosmetica in the last week of February and I didn't give them a second glance. I swatched Dim Infusion and my first thought was "just another blush with swirly pattern, it's probably an overhyped product just because the ambient lighting powders did so well." I had this mentality that if a product was too much anticipated due to the success of its predecessor, it will probably have a high chance of disappointing you. So I went home thinking "Ha! Not going fall for this marketing trap!" 

I was fine for a about a week but then every single youtube guru and blogger were raving about how amazing these were, and from the swatches, I had to agree, they did look bloody amazing. 

The itch began. I couldn't wait to get back instore to swatch the rest of the colours.

Biggest mistake...but best investment for my makeup collection. Ethereal Glow and Dim Infusion were both too pastel for my liking and two standouts were Mood Exposure and Diffused Heat. In the end I was recommended Mood Exposure but I suspect that this shade was a personal favorite of the sales assistant as well as the fact that they were sold out of Diffused Heat (I found this out when I actually went back to purchase it).

I have to admit, at first sight, Mood Exposure is the ugly ducking out of the pack. It is not shimmery, or vibrant or pink or glowy. Which is the usual things that catch our eye in cosmetics. But swatched, it is this really unique mauve, plum-pink shade. The closest blush that I have to this colour is probably Benefit's Rockateur, but Rockateur is slightly more pink with more rose gold shimmer.

In terms of application it is very blendable and super pigmented. Just one dab of your brush and you can get enough product for a natural flush. I find that on my skin, this blush actually increases in intensity after I apply it. I'm not sure if this is oxidization but the first few days, my cheeks ended up a bit more rosier than I was comfortable with. 

It is a long wearing blush, it lasted 14 hours no problem and it goes hand-in-hand with your ambient lighting powders which I use as setting powders and highlighter. 

The swirl of each blush is unique and sometimes you will find that you have more blush than lighting powder or vice versa in your patterns. This can offset the general colour of your blush so keep this in mind when you compare to pictures online or to what you swatched instore. If you prefer either more pigment or more lighting powder, ask the staff whether you can pick out of their available stock if you have that option. I have seen one youtube review where the blush was almost all lighting powder and the colour seemed to lean towards chalky rather than rosy.

The price is up there for the amount of product that you get. These are $50 for 4.2g. For a comparison, MAC Pro Longwear blush is $41 for 6g, MAC Mineralize blush is $43 for 3.5g, Nars is $45 for 4.8g and a Ambient Lighting Powder is $62 for 10g. But please keep in mind that one-two dips of your brush in this product is enough, not even a swirl, so it is guaranteed to last you a long long time. 

This has definitely been my go-to-blush for the past week. I have not touched anything else. And since writing this post, I have ordered two more Ambient Lighting Blushes in Diffused Heat and Luminous Flush. I had no chance against these beauties. Must find way to save money elsewhere. Let me know if you would like to see swatches of them also.

Until next time, xx

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