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Monthly Marvels: March 2014

favorite cosmetics of the month

favorite cosmetics of the month

This month has been a hectic month of Drugstore makeup acquisitions and I'm sad to say that not much has made to my favorites for the month. This is one of the risks of buying low-end products as they are inconsistent throughout the brand or even colour selection within the same product range and are a bit of a hit and miss. The brands I can always rely on however, are Tom Ford, Hourglass and Chanel. If you want to dive into the deep-end, these are great brands to jump off from.

Now onto the favorites...

The Eye Faves:

Tom Ford Beauty Eyeshadow Quad
L - R: Orchid Haze, Golden Mink
Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quads in Orchid Haze and Golden Mink. I have been loving Golden Mink and have used it almost everyday. On the occasional day that I want to wear a lighter eye, I choose to use the top two colours of the Orchid Haze palette which are soft pink based neutrals. Even though I have used the quads almost everyday, there is not a dent in the shadows. The colours are just so pigmented and smooth that the smallest amount blends and applies like a dream. I've never had to go in more than twice with my brush for each of the shadows.

favorite products for eyes

The Anna Sui Waterproof Brown Mascara is a "bought it, forgot it" product and I've rediscovered it when I decided to use it for my brows. I brush this through my brows and then use a clean spoolie to brush through and shape them. Rimmel's new Scandaleyes Waterproof Liner is my new holygrail bottom waterline eyeliner. It lasts all day long and doesn't transfer onto the top waterline.

The Cheek Faves:

favorite cream bronzer chanel

I've rediscovered my Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel and now I understand why it didn't wow me when I first bought it a year ago. I've committed the unthinkable crime of trying to apply cream product over a powdered face. It was such a b***h to blend and I always found that I either applied too much, making it look orange or didn't apply enough. Now I buff it into my cheeks with a Real Techniques Buffing Brush straight after I apply my foundation before I do anything else (in case I forget and powder my face again) and it creates the most natural contour to slim down my round post-baby face.

hourglass ambient lighting powder blushes
L - R: Mood Exposure, Diffused Heat, Luminour Flush, Radiant Magenta
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes. *Deep intake of breath* Where do I begin? They may have just become my most favorite things in the world right now. Second only to my darling baby girl. They are unlike any other blushes I own. They are as light and soft as a finely milled translucent setting powder but as pigmented as...well...a pigment. I have now adopted four of these babies and the OCD in me is wanting me to purchase the other two colours (even though they are too light for my skin tone)

The Lips Faves:

nourishing lip balms from By Terry and Nuxe

A recent discovery is the ever so famous Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm. Upon looking at it, it looked like Blistex so I went in quite heavy handed and ended up with a mother load of product on my fingers. I had never anticipated that it was so soft and creamy. Almost like applying peanut butter to your lips. Do I like it? I have since purchase two more and have scattered them around my house and handbags. You tell me! The By Terry Or De Rose was an impulse purchase and one that I at first regretted as it was about five times the price of the Reve de Miel. Yes, I can hear your thinking "wtf, are you for real?" But once this has set on your lips for a couple of minutes, it turns your lips into a healthy glowing pink shade and the iridescent purple/pink sparkle in the lip balm adds to the plumping effect which has made this lip balm my go to "outdoors" lip balm.

Do come back for my April Favourites as I already know there will be so much! One week has already gone past and I have already made a sack load of new discoveries and loves. Mostly High-end so definitely for the girls who are itching for a splurge!

Until next time, 
Kristen xx

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