Saturday, 21 June 2014

Revlon Highlighting Palette in Rose Glow

revlon highlighting palette rose glow

revlon highlighting palette rose glow

It seems like someone has finally realized that there has been a lack of drugstore branded highlighting products in general available on the market. The only drugstore brand that I can think of that has some highlighting powders would be Physician's Formula. And every so, Australia doesn't carry the entire range. So I was over the moon when Revlon released their new Highlighting palettes earlier this month.

revlon highlighting palette rose glow

revlon highlighting palette rose glow

Now, I know what you are thinking; "oh my freaking gosh is this finally a dupe for Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Bricks?"


These were probably my biggest let down of a product this year so far as I was abnormally excited for this. There are three palettes in total. A Rose, a Coral and a Bronze. This is the 020 Rose Glow and it's absolutely gorgeous in the compact. Don't let this fool you! The colour is very sheer and I needed about 3 swatches to get a good colour payoff.  Shades 1, 3 and 5 (counted from top to bottom) contain large glitters which get picked up with a brush quite easily. This results of this no colour and a lot of glitter when you go in with your blush brush. The colour is not long wearing and I feel like the colour disappears within just a few hours. The glitters however, cling to your skin like a parasite.

The product is very powdery so this is it's main downfall. In my experience all powdery products lack strong pigmentation because you lose it all to fluff in the air and it doesn't adhere to your skin properly for the desired result. The swatches look nice on camera but this particular angle did not catch the strong glitter (you can kind of see it towards the bottom of my arm where there is a curvature to reflect light). It is extremely short lasting and can be easily removed with a few swipes of your fingers.

Of course, I know of some girls who absolutely adore this (each to their own) so I definitely recommend you swatch this from your local Target or Priceline before making a purchase. I hope this review was somewhat helpful.

revlon highlighting palette rose glow
Five shades swatched individually then blended altogether.
Heavily swatched to get the colour to show off. If single swatched, the slowly blends out to nothing.
revlon highlighting palette rose glow
Extreme powdery-ness! Ew
 Have you tried these? Did you happen to like it or did they disappoint you too?

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  1. I bought it, and i share your opinion. It's a sucky product :(

    1. I've seen some girls say good things about this compact and maybe we are just spoilt for choice but I find it very hard to like this product.


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