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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Luxury Obsessed Baby Mama #1: Oct 2013

I'm thinking of starting a designer haul series where I can review the things that I purchased on a more expensive side. Because this won't be a monthly thing (unfortunately), I will just number it. Will you be interested to read about this stuff? Please let me know. This would partly be the beginning of my lifestyle blogs and not just beauty.

A big purchase of October was an Hermes Birkin! Both my mother and I have been on the wait list for a Birkin since about 2 years ago. And finally they came. But in different locations. I was actually after a blue colour and my mother is after the purple colour but we ended up picking up each others due to location convenience. My mum will be flying into Sydney next monday where she will bring me the Bleu De Galice Birkin 35 that she picked up for me. I can't wait to see it! So here is the Raisin Birkin I will eventually give to my mum. This is my first 35 and it is such a practical size. Now that I have the 35 to compare to, the 30 Etoupe just looks like a toy. I used to think it was big enough, but not anymore! If your situation allows you to save up for and own a Birkin, I highly recommend a 35. And given the right colour and leather, it really is a classic and timeless investment that you will be sure to treasure.

Birkin 35 in Raisin with Gold Hardware

Now it joins my current collection of a Gold Kelly 32 and Etoupe Birkin 30. I also have a rouge Evelyne 33 but it seems so cheap and unluxurious compared to the Kelly and Birkins. 

Gold Kelly 32 GHW, Etoupe Birkin 30 PHW, Raisin Birkin 35 GHW

Do you know any tricks to buying a Birkin? Currently, at most Boutiques you have to spend an amount equivalent or more on non-bag products in order for a Sales Associate to notify you of any Birkin arrivals in their Boutique. This ends up making the value of the bag more as the other products were only chosen in order to get a Birkin. I'd love to know if there are any tricks from different Boutiques to secure a Birkin or Kelly in a...cheaper fashion.
A second big purchase of Oct is my first car! Well, I can't say it's my big purchase as it was a gift from my parents. My parents have always agreed to buy me a car, my first car but because I always commute to work by train, there never seemed a reason to invest in a second car for juts my husband and I. But now that I will be a stay at home mum, I will need something to get me to the shops and visit family etc when my husband is at work. We ordered this car with all the specifications and various packages in June this year and due to ML350's popularity, we had to wait more than 4 months for this car to be ready. But my baby girl will non the less be taken home from the hospital in a Mercedes :) Lucky thing.