Monday, 27 January 2014

Birthday Girl

January 24th was my 25th birthday. I'm a quarter century old! I am so lucky and so blessed to be able to spend it with my loving husband and our sweet baby girl. She is the best present I could ask for. (would be even better if this present didn't come with late night/early morning breastfeeds!)

For this particular occasion, my husband treated me to Singaporean Chili Crab at a restaurant in Neutral Bay called Ginger & Spice. This restaurant is quite sentimental to us as it is also the restaurant where we were introduced three years ago. (can you believe it? just three years ago I was single and ready to mingle, and now I am married and popped a bubba!)

Singapore Chili Crab is a mud crab cooked in and drizzled in a special chili sauce with egg stirred through it while it cooks. It could be mild or extra hot depending on your taste. The sauce cannot be wasted as it is the star of the dish really. The sauce can be eaten with rice, roti or steamed buns. It does get a bit messy as you have to give up all dining etiquettes and use your hands acquire the crab meat.

We also ordered chicken satay sticks, a fried octopus dish and Mee Goreng as it is Chinese tradition to eat noodles on your birthday. I think it's because noodles symbolizes a long life...? maybe.

Evelyn was extremely excited to see all the yummy food. Too bad she's still got a few months to go until she can start on solids! She's just like her food-loving mummy!

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