Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Organi Honey Facial Peel

I guess Organi is one of those Australian-made brands that no one knows about, and because no one buys their products, the prices are outrageously expensive. Organi has one of those pop-up stands underneath the Myer in Sydney CBD and I was stopped (harassed) by one of the sales consultants to try their miracle peeling mask. 

Now I usually hate this technique of selling from lesser-known companies. 120% of the time I get approached in the streets to try something out, I just smile and continue my business so I don't really know what intrigues me to stop at this counter and give the products a go. 

The minute I put the tub to my nose, I was drawn-in, the smell is amazing. It smells so yummy, you can definitely smell in the honey in it. And it did remove a layer of dead/dry skin from the inner half of my wrist. The consultant then told me that I would also receive a complimentary 200mL Salt scrub and a 300mL Body butter with a purchase of the Honey facial peel and the prospect of great freebies was too much for my self restraint. 

The peel is like a translucent, silicone-like cream and you apply it onto a damp face like you would any cleanser (I always cleanse my face before I use this peel) and slowly, you can feel lumps rubbing off your skin with the product. Once rinsed off, face feels tight and baby-smooth and slightly lighter in colour than before the peel. I also feel that my serum and moisturizer is absorbed quicker after I have done the peel each time meaning that due to dead/dry skin, my serums have not been fully absorbed into my skin previously.

I think every girl should own a peel like this even if you don't wear make up as it also removes any excess sunscreen, moisturizer that hasn't been absorbed/washed off properly allowing the skin to breathe and accept new products that you apply onto your face. Even after 2-3 days of using this peel, my skin still glows and feels smooth and tight. This I think is because all the serums that I lather onto my face has been absorbed and put to use.

I purchased the Honey Facial Peel for $90 at the time with the 2 complimentary salt scrub and body butter. I researched online and organi.com.au sells the peel for $150 and $100 each for the scrub and body body! Eek! 

Is there a peel that you use that works wonders?

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