Monday, 10 November 2014

MAC Keepsakes Gold Lip & Eye Bag

Holiday collections...they pull you in with their fancy packaging, use trigger words such as "value set" and "gift" to persuade us that we will actually be doing our bank accounts a favor by purchasing this "exclusive" and "otherwise unobtainable item". In short, we buy it because our FOMO kicks in. This was the case for me anyway, I had to store hop to find this set as they were selling out FAST. 

This set contains a mineralize eyeshadow quad in Rarefied (limited edition), a mineralize rich lipstick in Posh Tone (permanent), a mineralize glass in Modest (permanent) and a good-sized dark grey/silver glitter cosmetics bag.

The mineralize eyeshadow quad in Rarefied contain 4 nudey-brown shades. The colours are quite neutral with only one golden copper shade that runs warm. All shades are shimmer. 

Top left is a cool beige shimmer.
Top right is a golden copper shimmer.
Bottom left is a bronzy taupe shimmer.
Bottom right is a brown shimmer.

The blend ability is above average and a natural smokey eye is easily achievable. The shadows are not as finely milled as some other brands but never-the-less, pigmentation is strong and they are easy to work with. The shimmers are not frosty at all so I believe these shades can suit almost all skin tones and ages. 

The mineralize lipstick is a coral nude and feels creamy and rich on the lips. It does however come off patchy and clings to the dry flaky skin on my lips (sorry for TMI). The colour is gorgeous though so I will definitely continue to wear it but remember to reapply every now and again.

I've never liked MAC lip glosses and I just absolutely can't stand the stickiness! It's because of this that I've never wanted to own a MAC one before. Modest is still sticky but I can't deny the colour effect it gives when layered over nude lipsticks is beautiful. And it keeps my chronically dry lips moisturized all day long so I may have to suck it up and try to get used to it if I want to look good. All in the name of vain.

This retails in Australia for AUD$125 and USD$59 in the states. Admittedly, this set doesn't have anything WOW to it as it is not immensely great value for money, you only save $36 and the products aren't extraordinary or a limited collectors item. But this set can be a part of your daily essentials, it's something you can use everyday so you know you will get your money's worth to the last drop. 

Have you seen MAC's holiday 2014 collections? What are on your wish lists?

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  1. Those eyeshadows are gorgeous! I love neutrals. Their pigments are lovely. The lipstick looks lovely on you. I can't get with their lipglasses either. HaHaHa I stopped buying them. I didn't get anything from this collection. MAC really knows how to draw you in. I did purchase from their Rocky Horror collection.


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