Saturday, 15 February 2014

A knack for buying MAC

I'm a little late to hop on the MAC bandwagon but recently I have just been obsessed. I have to have a look, have a swatch, (maybe have a quick swipe of the credit card) every time that I walk past a MAC counter. This is what I have bought in just the past month for MAC products alone. 

Even though my husband doesn't know anything about makeup or what/when I have bought, I feel like I have to hide this stuff from him! MAC is cringingly expensive here in Australia. Unlike in USA and UK, MAC is not an "affordable high end" makeup brand. A MAC lipstick is $36 here, more than twice what our American friends pay. *faints*

So far, I love them all. The quality really is quite consistent throughout their collection. The texture and application of their cream, powder and liquid products are all spot on, which I guess is the reason that they are so sought after in the cosmetics industry. Here are swatches of the product I purchased. 

Eyeshadow Quad in Devilishly Dark $65
Manila Paper, Goldmine, Honey Lust, Devilishly Dark
Eyeshadow Quad in Showstopper $65
Oh My Darling, Jest, Mineralism, Showstopper
Custom Eyeshadow Quad
Quad $10
Eyeshadow Refill $26 each
All That Glitters, Wedge, Woodwinked
Pro Longwear Eyeshadow: Always Sunny, Sweet Satisfaction, Lie Low $48
Eyeshadow: Satin Taupe $33
Always Sunny, Sweet Satisfaction, Lie Low, Satin Taupe
Pro Longwear Paintpot: Vintage Selection, Groundwork $35
Vintage Selection, Groundwork 
Vintage Selection is silver when looked at straight on
but from the side it is a shimmery pewter colour
Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul $43
Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Peachtwist $41
Matte Blush in Melba $41
Warm Soul, Peachtwist, Melba
I also purchased some 217 brushes $37, Pro Longwear Concealer $32 and MSF Natural $47 which I didn't swatch.
Are there any MAC products that are holygrail to you that you would recommend? I am definitely looking forward to trying more from MAC.

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  1. *faints* So much pretty MAC!!! I don't have anything MAC because I live in the middle of the US and I have a lonely and small MAC counter... :( I hate buying online, but I have been in such a MAC mood I cannot even tell you!

    1. as you can see, i've just passed my MAC phase hehe...and thank goodness! because MAC is so expensive here is Aus. You need a lot of self restraint to not go back to MAC because their product range is just so vast. Always one more blush, eyeshadow, MSF, Lipstick you can add to your collection!


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