Thursday, 6 February 2014

Tom Ford Beauty Haul

This impulse purchase is not my usual chocolate bar. I've been eyeing and lusting and wanting Tom Ford products for quite a while but whenever I hear the price, I set the product back down and move onto the next cosmetics counter. Recently, while shopping with my mother in the city, I swatched the eyeshadow quad cocoa mirage and it was the most creamy powder that I had ever set my fingertips upon. At the time, $100 seemed outrageous to spend on a neutral matte eyeshadow quad so again, I walked away.

I may have physically walked away, but my soul must've stayed behind because I could not stop thinking about it. I needed it like my body needs oxygen. I don't know what came over me but everyday I tried to plan a trip to the city (without letting my husband know that I'm taking little bubby all that way just for some cosmetics...again). 

Once I had decided to buy something from Tom Ford, I thought; what the heck...may as well buy what I want since I'm already succumbing to the heavy price tag. 

So this is what I walked away with this longer empty handed and feeling triumphant. Like I leaped over one of life's many hurdles. Tom Ford - achieved, what goal next?

Tom Ford products really do have the most luxurious packaging. If you went all warm and fuzzy when you purchased your first Chanel Palette, trust me, you are going to go nuts over Tom Ford's. It is a gorgeous dark brown and gold compact. Very sturdy, thick plastic with a little weight to it (but not so heavy that it is a burden to carry in your purse everyday).

L - R: Cocoa Mirage, Orchid Haze, Golden Mink
L - R: Frantic Pink, Love Lust

L - R: Spanish Pink, Pink Dusk
Stay tuned, swatches coming soon :)

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