Sunday, 23 February 2014

Diorshow Fusion Mono Longwear Eyeshadow Pots

Wowzers, what a long name! But like the name suggests, it is an extremely longwearing cream eyeshadow that is well worth it's price tag ($50 AUD). 

The eyeshadow comes with a sponge applicator, which is luxuriously attached to a silver metal handle. I would've much rather Dior not include a brush in order to bring the price down a little bit as the applicator is seriously useless. For these shadows, the best way to apply is with your fingers and the blend it out with either a synthetic or duo fibre blending brush. Almost no product gets deposited on your lids if you go straight in with a brush or sponge to apply. 

These could be used as a eyelid base (especially the mattes) or could be used on their own. They are so creamy to apply and once they set, they don't budge for the better half of your day. Aren't you sold yet? The original shimmer shades a highly pigmented and have 2 different coloured glitters mixed through the base shade creating a rather duo-chrome effect.

You are probably wondering how this new kid on the block is different to the fan favorite MAC Paintpots? Although the selection of colours is a lot less than MAC, the quality of these fusion monos are indeed better. For one, Dior's formula is much much more creamier as well as super lightweight. No matter how much you swirl your finger in the pot, it doesn't feel like the product is building up layer over layer. Once on the eyes, it doesn't feel like anything. The texture is also much more smoother than paint pots. paint pots can sometimes clump up if you put too much pressure whilst swatching or if the product is aging/drying. This would require more blending and going back for more product etc but Dior is just so smooth and easy to smear across your lids. You could probably put this eyeshadow on without a mirror when your on-the-go. seriously.

And we don't even need to compare these the Maybelline's colour tattoos. These are so much more lightweight and easier to blend. These Dior shadows can be blended out for a sheer coverage or built up for a highly pigmented shade across the lids. You do get your money's worth in this case.

Here is a few swatches of the current Dior Fusion Mono's that I own. Some photos are really blurry and I'm so sorry I didn't realize when I took the photos :(

881 Hypnotique

661 Meteore

381 Millenium
721 Songe

761 Mirage
091 Nocturne

I am on the fence about the Matte shades as the colours aren't all that enticing. I am considering returning Mirage and Nocturne (I can no longer return Songe as I have swatched it already. It's times like these I wish I lived in America). Nocturne is definitely going but mirage could be a nice crease colour or a base for a smokey look. 

The pots contain 6.5g of product, which is more than enough for a lifetime and a half. Especially if you happen to already own a few drawers full of eyeshadow already.

Using Millennium
Have you used these? What's your favorite look to create with these?

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