Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Chantecaille Save The Bees Palette

(im)patiently awaiting for Mecca Cosmetica to stock this new limited edition Chantecaille palette.
I just love it even more because it has eyeshadow, a highlighter and a blush rather than just eyeshadows like in the previous palettes.

I've never used any Chantecaille before but I have swatched their eyeshadows and my goodness is it buttery and creamy and soft and pigmented and shimmery and...and...and....just amazing!

Would anyone happen to know how much these limited edition sell for in Australia? If you have bought the wild horses palette, or save the sharks palette before please let me know!

UPDATE: Here is an in-depth review of this palette with swatches and application.

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  1. I think this was about $130 at Mecca, but sadly it's sold out online :(

    1. Hi Whitney! I have purchased this palette since this post and it is absolutely divine. The only downside is you lose the gold colouring on the bees after you start using the product. It is $120 and still available instore if you are interested!


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